How Climate Controlled Units Protect Your Valuables


Storage facilities nowadays have climate controlled units readily available to clients who are interested in the added protection climate controlled units bring. Climate controlled storage units are so insulated that they are immune to the cold of winter and the blistering heat of summer. These storage units can be set at a specific temperature and will be able to maintain it more or less constantly. As well as being able to control the temperature, the humidity inside of the storage units can be set at a desired level as well. The climate controlled units are obviously more expensive than regular storage units but it is a good bargain being that you get extra protection and fine tuning capabilities.

Virtully impenetrable construction is one of the many benefits of a climate controlled storage unit. And as already stated above are very well insulated. Your stored items will be protected from any changes in humidity and the outside weather due to the insulation. Regular storage units only offer protection and more info from direct elements such as snow, wind, and rain. The climate controlled units protect your items from the effects on the inside of the unit that happen as the elements play outside, problems like dew buildup, Moisture buildup leading to dampness and frost won’t even occur.

An added benefit of opting for climate controlled storage units is the protection from insects and wildlife. Most storage units are just built to keep your items safe from the elements and that’s it. Some have features that protect your items safe from rodents but they will never make one that is insect proof. It is a common thing that occurs in regular storage units that when the owner decides to open it up after some time they will be greeted with bugs and rodents along with their flea infested nests.


The insulation not only keeps the climate controlled storage unit in constant temperature but also helps in keeping pests outside the storage unit. Some storage facilities have the added bonus of having their own pest control options to further keep pests away from your valuables.

If you have decided to finally rent a climate controlled storage unit don’t forget to let the staff set the temperature inside the unit to your liking. If you don’t provide them with your desired temperature they will set to standard, which varies from facility to facility depending. This is usually not a problem for regular items but if you wish to store temperature sensitive items make sure to tell them the specific temperature.Additionally ensure that your agreement advises not enable them to mess with your set temperature at whatever point they feel it is proper or helpful for them so Click Here.

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